The Pearl River Piano Group is China's largest piano manufacturer and the largest piano factory in the world.The company was established in 1956 in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.

Pearl River is capable of producing over 100,000 pianos a year, while exporting them to over 80 countries.

Guangzhou Pearl River Piano Group Co., Ltd., a musical instrument manufacturer with more than 50 years history, is the largest piano manufacturer in the world. Throughout its history, it has been designing, building and continuously perfecting fine pianos. Pearl River is the best selling piano brand in China and has been exported to more than 100 countries and regions.
“I like the Pearl River piano very much because it almost sings…and that gives me a lot of musical inspiration,” said world-famous pianist Lazer Belma. After touring in China and playing the Pearl River piano in concerts several times, he understood why Pearl River takes such pride in their instruments. In fact, he autographed the piano plate with the words Be Proud of the Piano. That the Pearl River piano which is a relative newcomer to the piano world, should be recognized by a famous concert pianist, is inspiring, but not so surprising.

Let's retrace the steps of how Pearl River Piano Group grew, achieved a significant reputation among the well-respected musical instrument manufacturers of the world.
The piano has a history dating back over 300 years. The instrument was first produced in Europe. It was introduced in China, in the 19th century. The Pearl River brand was created in the mid 1950s as an independent Chinese musical instrument company. Its name comes from its factory location on the banks of the Pearl River in south China.
The company began over 50 years ago when they manufactured 4 upright pianos a month. For fifty years, the Pearl River Piano Group has grown and prospered thanks to the hard work and dedication of generations of skilled workers. Their commitment has resulted in Pearl River becoming not only a well-known comestic brand, but an international best seller as well. For the last ten years, Pearl River has been the number one selling piano in China. Pearl River is now a world-famous brand with a retailer network that spans the world. Its sales account for 28% of the Chinese market, 18% of the American market and 15% of the European market.

The Pearl River factory encompasses 1.3 million square feet and stands 7 stories tall and is ? mile long. It has the capacity to build over 100, 000 pianos a year. The words, Pearl River piano-made in China signifies a great name proudly produced by the people of the Pearl River Piano Group. Despite strong rivals, Pearl River has risen to the top of the Chinese national piano industry. The company employs over 3,500 skilled technicians within a network of factories, foundries, lumber yards and saw mills. The 90,000 square foot testing and engineering labs have 106 technicians, with many having advanced degrees in areas such as adhesives, metallurgy or chemistry.

Science, Technology and Innovation
Science and technology are the keys to piano manufacturing in this century. Pearl River Piano Group usestate-of-the-art science and technology, independent, innovative thinking and a commitment to the study of production, to education and to research. A major engineering technology research development center has been designed and built to take the lead in the study of domestic musical instrument improvement. The goal is to speed up new technology applications and new product development. Many of the ideas and techniques from our development center have been patented by Pearl River. By consulting with international experts in piano design and technology, Pearl River technicians validate their manufacturing techniques through every step in the production process. Taking advantage of advanced technology and information networking, Pearl River is completely redesigning traditional musical instrument production. The craftsmanship, quality, tone and playing function of Pearl River pianos have achieved European acceptance ratings by domestic and international experts. In 2007, Pearl River is focusing on brand development through a strategy based on promoting science and technology. Emphasis is being placed on developing a high-quality piano to include all the features of other world famous pianos in the industry.
Chairman Huang has appointed Mr. Tomas, an internationally known piano maker, to head the development of a high end piano brand . Since the establishment of Pearl River Piano, the company has always found it valuble to use the services of piano design and manufacturing experts from around the world and it is seen in the pianos we manufacture today.

Outstanding Quality
Lumber accounts for 60% of the materials that make up each piano. The selection and curing of the wood plays a significant role in the quality and life span of the piano. China has vast natural reserves of music-grade birch, maple, spruce and walnut…a vital resource in the piano industry. The Pearl River Piano Group owns significant lumber production facilities. Step one in the wood preparation process is to air-dry all lumber to reduce moisture to 20%. Then the wood is moved to kilns, where sixteen master computers control the precise moisture content of each load of lumber. Over 100,000 CBM of lumber are processed by Pearl River each year. Using strict processing standards, the wood used in the manufacture of Pearl River pianos is conditioned to weather environments worldwide.


Consummate Technology
The soundboard, keyboard and action are the core elements of the piano, and are both the source of sound and the structural framework of the piano. All components produced by Pearl River incorporate the advanced CNC digital technology, which ensure the accuracy and absolute precision of the all the hundreds of parts in the piano. The volume and tone of the piano depend on the quality of the soundboard. Pearl River produces each soundboard from flexible, high-quality spruce lumber. In processing and curing, the level of humidity is strictly controlled to ensure consistent tone stability.
The heart of the piano is made up of the keyboard and action, plus several thousand additional precision components. Each component of the keyboard and action produced by Pearl River incorporate state-of-the-art technology and are manufactured according to strict regulations to ensure exact coordination with the sensitive response of the keyboard and action. The weight of each key is independently adjusted to maintain perfect balance and response.

Tuning and voicing

The process of computer piano tuning is a good example of the way Pearl River merges modern technology with tradition. This finely honed process can ensure the absolute pitch accuracy of every piano


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