In 1840, the first Harrodser piano was born. This piano was made byRobert Powell, Harold Bauer?s father.

In 1873, the great pianist Harold Bauer was born.

In 1879, Harold wrote his first violin sonata Happy Luo Manli.

In 1892, 19-year old Harold was recommanded to Paris Conservatory of Music.

In 1893, Harold met W. Danemann, a famous piano maker, and produced the first Harold custom piano.

In 1899, Harold coopareted with the piano maker, and then produced Harrodser piano.

In 1918, Harold became the founder of New York Beethoven Association, and became known as the piano professor

of Manhattan School of Music.

In 1922, Harrodser piano was on New York Times.

In 1931, The piano factory was founded in Duesseldorf.

In 1932, The annual output of Harrodser piano reached 550.

In 1945, The factory was restored to full working order.

In 1960, Harrodser piano factory acquired three piano components and parts factories in Germany.

In 1972, The annual output of Harrodser upright piano reached 500, and the grand piano reached 200. Harrodser

piano became an important piano producers in Europe and America.

In 1992, Johannes Jutting bacame the chief executive officer of Harrodser piano company. He made a clear strategic

objectives as well as expaned the market. As a result, the annual output of Harrodser piano reached 2000.

In 2002, Harrodser piano company set up a new factory in Indonesia,in which had the advantages of lower price of

timber and labour force. Harrodser piano company used technical equipments to produce high-quality Harrodser


High-quality german piano made in Indonesia.

Ebony Keys

Indonesian ebony is smooth and glossy. The material with irreplaceable touch is not easily deformed.

STRUNZ Soundboard

The best Germany soundboard
uses the spruce in Alps. The unequal thickness soundboard is based on the greatest material creats great sound and the best volume.

DEHONIT Wrest Plank
Made in Germany 19 layers of red beeches provide the wrest plank special and strong position.

Germany top quality strings with 130 years history. Outstanding corrosion resistance extended 50% life of the piano. Roslau string shows the perfect sound.

FFW Hammer

Pure wool that made by Harrodser arificers handcraft show the perfect sound.

Harrodser Struck String Machine
The European natural wood a hundred years the tradition of technics 8800 components work together with precision batter 13 times per second. 100% pure wood machine.
كليه حقوق اين سايت براي گالری پیانو جام جم محفوظ مي باشد ١٣٩٣ طراحی و اجرا شرکت نوین طراحان شرق